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Weight Loss Specialist

Adam S. Nally, DO -  - Wellness Center

Nally Family Practice

Adam S. Nally, DO

Wellness Center located in Surprise, AZ

Struggling with weight loss? At Nally Family Practice in Surprise, Arizona, board-certified obesity specialist Adam Nally, DO and his experienced team have the answers you need for long-term weight loss that really works. From the highly effective ketogenic diet to SculpSure® noninvasive fat loss, you can get the body you want. Book your appointment through the online scheduler or by calling today.

Weight Loss Q & A

What is the ketogenic diet?

The ketogenic diet is a low-carbohydrate plan for eating that helps you achieve ketosis, the state where your body uses fat rather than sugar for fuel. Although the ketogenic diet is a highly effective method of weight loss without hunger, it’s also a lifestyle that can help with whole-body healing, too.

Dr. Nally guides his patients on a ketogenic lifestyle journey—one that can help you achieve lasting weight loss and health success. You can also enjoy improved energy, improved metabolism, better mood, and even improved type 2 diabetes control.

How does the weight loss program work?

The weight loss program at Nally Family Practice is a comprehensive one that is supervised by Dr. Nally, who is a board-certified obesity medicine specialist. Dr. Nally and the Nally Family Practice team offer many tools to help you succeed in your weight loss journey, including:

  • Self learning modules
  • Simple and easy-to-understand video and written guidelines
  • Regular interactions with others on the same weight loss journey
  • Regularly scheduled check-ins with Dr. Nally and your Nally Family Practice team

The weight loss program at Nally Family Practice is designed to lead you to success, and then help you maintain that success with ongoing support.

What if I still have extra fat after weight loss?

After you’ve lost the extra weight through the highly effective ketogenic weight loss program at Nally Family Practice, you may still struggle with small-but-stubborn fat pockets. Some fat, particularly in areas like the belly, hips, and thighs, can be resistant to even your very best efforts to get rid of it.

SculpSure® noninvasive laser body sculpting can be the ideal solution. During SculpSure treatment, your Nally Family Practice care provider attaches treatment paddles that deliver laser energy below your skin, right into your stubborn fat cells. The laser heat destroys the fat cells, causing them to release the fat. Treatment takes just 25 minutes per session.

Over the course of your SculpSure treatments, you’ll notice a steady reduction in fat as your body naturally disposes of the destroyed fat cells. Most patients get optimal results with a series of treatments. Your fat loss is permanent, but to maintain your new look it’s important to stick with your weight loss maintenance plan.

Use the online scheduler or call Nally Family Practice to book your weight loss appointment today.